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Depersonalization & Derealization

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Derealization. [Sep. 26th, 2010|05:42 pm]
Depersonalization & Derealization
[mood |groggygroggy]

How long have you had DP/DR? Im not completely sure, somewhere between 6 months and a year.

Do you have DP or DR or both? Derealization.

Do you know the cause of your DP/DR? Not really. It started about the time I dropped out of high school (because of my anxiety) and started spending alot more time alone.

Is DP/DR a big part of your life? Absolutely. I usually just stay home and never go out because when I do, everything seems fake and dreamy, like Im not actually there.

Have you taken medication for your DP/DR? If you haven't, would you be willing to try? I guess so, though, I think once my anxiety is under control, the derealazation will subside.

Do you think you'll ever overcome your DP/DR? I have no idea, but I sure hope so.
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(no subject) [Jun. 29th, 2010|03:13 pm]
Depersonalization & Derealization


How long have you had DP/DR?
about 7 or 8 months now

Do you have DP or DR or both? Pretty sure it's both. I feel like things aren't real but sometimes that goes away and something still feels 'off' so at some point either one of the two is always taking over.

Do you know the cause of your DP/DR? I started smoking marijuana before it started. It went away for a long time but came back after a panic attack while under the influence, and stayed. Therapist says it's anxiety, I don't know what to think anymore.

Is DP/DR a big part of your life?
Absolutely. I can't even carry out normal activities without thinking how unreal everything feels and how bad I wish my life could be normal again. It's terrible and I feel starting smoking marijuana wasn't worth the effects it caused me in the long run.

Have you taken medication for your DP/DR? If you haven't, would you be willing to try?
No I have not, and I'm not about to. I have very strong beliefs about anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds. I believe that since the pineal gland in the brain is calcified by fluoride, and the main 'ingredient' in these medications is fluoride, there's a deeper hidden meaning behind why they are prescribed to so many people. I don't think it's necessary to use medications to overcome a battle with your own mind.

Do you think you'll ever overcome your DP/DR? I have hope.
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(no subject) [May. 7th, 2010|10:49 pm]
Depersonalization & Derealization
i just wanna say first that while im not glad that their are so many people suffering from dp, it makes the load just a little lighter knowing how far from alone i am with  this.

How long have you had DP/DR? 1 year, 2 months

Do you have DP or DR or both? Im gonna say both, though they seem so similar in definition to me

Do you know the cause of your DP/DR? Depression and stress, unfortunately while on vacation trying to overcome said depression and stress

Is DP/DR a big part of your life? 100%

Have you taken medication for your DP/DR? If you haven't, would you be willing to try? not yet, i plan on trying some other stuff for a while until i actually give in to taking meds

Do you think you'll ever overcome your DP/DR? some days i do, some days i dont
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(no subject) [Apr. 22nd, 2010|12:33 am]
Depersonalization & Derealization

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Hi all. [Mar. 3rd, 2009|08:29 pm]
Depersonalization & Derealization

Hello, I wan't to share my story wiht you in the hope that you can find some brief moment of positivity and peace. I can not symp[athise enough with how most of you feel i experince both DP and DS and i didn't understand at all what was happening to me. It started from pointless anxiety and esculated into something i never thought it could be. I could not recognise my family, old freinds looked strange my own face didnt seem real every part of my body, everything was grey and unfamiliar. This onle increased panik, but what i found helped me to over come wat  is such a terrible thing to have to go through, was time and health. Treated myself well, got up if i could drank green tea, laughed with friends always got up and walked ignored the strangeness and just did it. Watched films read books, and eventually even if it was only for two minutes i would forget the feeling. I also got a job, so strange it was and even now going into the shp i used to work in triggers the feeling but only briefly because it too helped me to over come this. Now i am at University in London, living in a flat and working aswell. I will never forget that period of mylife but i will say this, it changed me it made me appreciate live, appreiciate my body, and i hope that with positive thinking and positive action you all can over come this terrrible ordeal.x
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(no subject) [Aug. 16th, 2008|11:34 pm]
Depersonalization & Derealization
[mood |coldcold]

Hello all. I'm really happy to see a community for this. It's nice not to be alone.

How long have you had DP/DR?
About 2 years.

Do you have DP or DR or both? Both.

Do you know the cause of your DP/DR? Depression and stress.

Is DP/DR a big part of your life? Everyday, sunrise to sunset.

Have you taken medication for your DP/DR? If you haven't, would you be willing to try? I haven't taken meds for it. The only people I've actually told are some close friends; my mother does not know. I consider medication out of the question.

Do you think you'll ever overcome your DP/DR? I don't know, but I do hope so.
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(no subject) [Apr. 28th, 2008|06:44 pm]
Depersonalization & Derealization
 I am a graduate student studying the effects of benzodiazepine drugs.  Benzodiazepines are also known as the minor tranquilizers.  Valium, Clonapin, Ativan, Xanax etc. are some of the most common.  If you, or someone you know well, have used, or are using these drugs, please fill out the survey that applies.  If you know anyone in either of these categories (user, or know someone who is a user) please encourage them to take the survey as well.  Your participation is voluntary, fully confidential, and greatly appreciated.

For those who are using or have used benzodiazepines, please complete this survey:



For those who know someone who has used or is currently using benzodiazapines, please complete this survey:


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Intro [Jul. 10th, 2007|08:55 pm]
Depersonalization & Derealization
[mood |determineddetermined]


I'm elfed and I'm 30 years old and have had chronic dp for more than 15 years now (probably even more like 20 years). I'm not sure what caused it, but in my case it may be a coping mechanism terribly gone wrong as I am also autistic and have ADD and used to have pretty severe OCD when I was younger, plus it may be related to stress from almost never sleeping near enough (since I can't really feel I'm tired) it and may also be allergy related.
Right now, I'm really determined to find something that helps, as I really want to feel alive again. My dp doesn't really make me suffer - I've had it for so long that I can hardly remember what life was like before dp, but it's annoying. I know it was possible for me to feel alife, "there", and in touch with the world, and I want it back !
I'm really interested in what helped you guys out there (I'm probably going to post a questionnaire (sp ?) later).
Right now, I'm seing a therapist, and have put myself on a gluten free and milk free diet and I've started taking some supplements, which seems to help somewhat.
On a scale from 1 - 10 (10 would mean being totally dp'd) I've been constantly somewhere between 8 and 9 for the last 20 years (I've NEVER been symptom free in all those years), and now I'd say I'm more like 6 or 7 most of the time, with an occasional 2 for a few seconds now and then (it feels like short flashes of reality *lol*), which is already a massive improvement.
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(no subject) [Jun. 3rd, 2007|05:27 am]
Depersonalization & Derealization

fix me?
I thought it would just go away but I've been depersonalized for over 6 months now.
I got it from Venlafaxine (effexor, and SNRI) and even though I stopped the medication and my environment has changed DRASTICALLY It's still there
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(no subject) [May. 1st, 2007|10:45 pm]
Depersonalization & Derealization


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